Custom Guitar in Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle

The First Custom Tiger Myrtle Guitar from Valleys Guitars

Custom Tiger Myrtle Guitar by Valleys GuitarsTiger Myrtle has become one of most sought after woods in the world.

Myrtle trees grow very large and are only found in the damp forests in the northwest part of Tasmania. The Tiger variation is the rarest and most

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highly sought after species of myrtle timber. The Fabulous Tiger striations in the wood occur as a result of an aberration in 1 in 100 ordinary Myrtle trees.

As you can see from the images, Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle has black

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streaks, resembling the markings of a tiger, running within the highly decorated grain.

Protected by the Tasmanian government, there have only been a very limited number of Tiger Myrtle sets available each year.

And…….Here’s the latest word throughout the Luthier world……

Word has it, due to a typical bureaucratic “screw up” the Tasmanian Government let a wood chipping contract (against the advice of its own Woods and Forests Dept.) wood chip the remaining timbers, and there is no more of this prized timber, period.

Due to it’s rarity, fantastic appearance, and the mature, rich harmonic tones it produces, Luthiers all over the world desperately search for this highly prized tropical wood to build custom acoustical instruments of the highest quality.

Valleys Guitars is one of the lucky one’s to have secured a limited number of these highly sought after timber sets that will be used to build a handful of high-end instruments in the future.

Possibly the most highly publicized guitar made from Tiger Myrtle is James Olson’s “The Tiger” ……”This guitar represents one of the finest pieces Jim has ever made.”

Below are some photos of the first Tiger Myrtle Guitar (in progress) from Valleys Guitars featuring Tiger Myrtle back and sides with an Italian Alpine Spruce top.

Tiger Myrtle Custom Guitar in Progress Side ViewTiger Myrtle Custom Guitar in Progress Image 1Tiger Myrtle Custom Guitar in Progress Image 2Tiger Myrtle Custom Guitar in Progress Image 5

This Guitar was built by David Greenwell, the owner of Valleys Guitars, in Malaysia at the shop of one of Asia’s most respected Luthiers, Jeffry Young. It was built using one of Jeffry’s designs and is quite an extraordinary Guitar in every respect.

Now let’s show you the finished product:

Watch for more Custom Guitars from Valleys in the near future.

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